Nitrogen Generators

Food Grade Gases

Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) is widely used to extend shelf life of food products. Some examples of food products that are most suitable for MAP are chips (potato, corn etc), nuts, and dairy and meat products.

Gases used most commonly for MAP are as follows:

  • Pure Nitrogen
  • Nitrogen - Carbon dioxide mixtures
  • Nitrogen - Carbon dioxide - Oxygen mixtures

One way of procuring these gases is pre-mixed in gas bottles. However, this is a very expensive alternative especially in areas which are far away from gas filling centers since transport of heavy bottles to long distances cost much.

However, producing nitrogen with a nitrogen generator and making the gas mixture on-site is a very economical alternative to bottled gas, which will pay for itself in a very short time, even several months in some cases. Carbon dioxide is a low cost gas which can be procured locally in bottles almost everywhere.

ÖZAK GAS TECHNOLOGIES manufactures nitrogen generators and gas mixers which is all you need to make mixtures of the three gases mentioned above in any composition.