Nitrogen Generators

Importance of Measurement in Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP)

We use MAP to increase shelf life of food products we produce and invest a lot for this: special packaging machinery, special packaging material, gas production equipment etc. Very well. But can we be sure that no air is trapped inside the package after it is sealed?

It is possible that air can still exist inside a sealed package regardless how advanced MAP equipment we use. Likely reasons are:

  • There may be a problem associated with gas source (nitrogen generator, gas mixing system, gas bottle etc)
  • There may be a problem associated with packaging machine
  • There may be human error

MAP Measuring Instrument

Naturally, if air exist inside a sealed package, the food product inside it will have reduced shelf life; investment and effort we made for MAP system will be useless.

There are measuring instruments specially developed for this purpose. You can see picture of two of them here.

Their usage is very easy: Just stab the sharp point of its probe into the package and press measuring button; you will see the composition of the gas inside the package in seconds.

Measurement should be made by sampling, ie one from every X number of packages. X should be determined by yourself.

These instruments are not very cheap but their cost is very small compared to your total investment in MAP equipment.

We do not sell these instruments, please do not ask:-).