Nitrogen Generators

Nitrogen Generator Useful for Fruit Storage Business

Nothing more excellent than eating fresh fruits. But when weather changes and fresh fruits are no longer available from farmers, then they come to our table thanks to fruit storage companies.

Do you know how these fruit storage companies keep fruits fresh? This is accomplished by controlled atmosphere (CA) storage that comprises a precise technology of controlling composition of gases in big rooms. Precise control of oxygen and carbon dioxide contents, temperature and humidity are important elements of this process. Keeping oxygen content at a certain level in the room is accomplished by injecting nitrogen gas, which is produced by a nitrogen generator. Storage of fruits in a controlled atmosphere is a non-chemical procedure which does not leave any harmful residues on the fruits.

ÖZAK GAS TECHNOLOGIES manufactures high quality nitrogen generators which are suitable for controlled atmosphere storage applications. ÖZAK also has the capability to design and implement the complete system for controlling the atmosphere of the room. Please contact us for more information.