Nitrogen Generators


Even if the generator's possession is transferred to you, it is still our baby; you can be assured that we will take care of it as if it is ours.

Reliability of ÖZAK Nitrogen Generator is very high because we build it with professional workmanship using the best components available in the market. They are virtually maintenance-free and seldom break down; but even if they do, it is no problem. Özak Nitrogen Generator is designed for ease of usage and maintenance to the user. If you can not solve the problem yourself, we can help you solve it remotely by diagnosing it and giving directions for remedy. If that does not work, then we will solve it through our service network or by mobilizing one of our competent technicians promptly. Our service rates are very low compared to competitors. Please contact us for details of our service facility in your country.

If you like, we can set up a maintenance contract for a fixed annual fee.