Nitrogen Generators


ÖZAK Gas Technologies was established in 1993 to meet gas demand of industrial and medical enterprises and individuals safely, in compliance with the relevant standards and with optimum prices.

Our company, which progressed continuously since the first day of its establishment thanks to its customer oriented, innovative and quality-wise non-compromising activities, always targeted to be “the best” and succeeded in this to a great extent.

Our philosphy of continuous progress has transformed us to a technological company expert on on-site gas production competitive on global scale and we are proud of this. We are also proud that we have accomplished this by developing our own technology without imitating others.

In this context, we developed ÖZAK Nitrogen Generator of our own design after two years of hard and careful work. ÖZAK Nitrogen Generator has ceased nitrogen being an expensive gas and made it easily and economically available to everyone like compressed air.

ÖZAK Nitrogen Generator has proved its quality by being the choice of tens of users, both domestic and abroad.


Every user is unique and deserves special attention. If same products are offered to different users, then some things will be missing. We handle each case specially, work like a tailor and offer the best solution for that case. Almost all of the generators we manufactured are unique; not identical to any other one.

With our experienced and competent team of engineers, we would like to realize your projects and solve your problems related with gases.

We constantly work on developing our products and ourselves, please follow up with us.