Nitrogen Generators


  • OUR PRESENCE IN EDIBLE OIL INDUSTRY IS GETTING STRONGER... NG160 model ÖZAK nitrogen generator and tank blanketing system is now in operation at ABALIOĞLU plant in Aliağa, Turkey.

  • OUR PRESENCE IN HAZELNUT SECTOR IS GETTING STRONGER... We have installed NG20 model nitrogen generator and tank blanketing system in KARİMEX hazelnut plant in Ordu, Turkey.

  • ÖZAK means reliability...The very first generator which we sold to our very first customer has completed 11 years in operation with zero breakdown in September 2018.

  • We have delivered and installed the nitrogen generator ordered by LEMAR FOOD.

  • WE EXIST IN JEWELERY SECTOR ALSO... We have delivered a mini generator to GRN Casting.

  • ESKİŞEHİR METROPOLITAN AREA MUNICIPALITY is amongst our customers... We have delivered the LAB type nitrogen generator ordered by PROTEK.

  • FİSKOBİRLİK EFİT order...We have shipped NG1 model nitrogen generator and blanketing regulator ordered by the Turkish hazelnut giant

  • NEW ORDER FROM TURKMENISTAN...We have shipped NG10 model based nitrogen line ordered by ALTYN YOL.

  • ÖZAK Gas Technologies is your reliable partner in servicing other brand nitrogen generators... We have done maintenance of another brand nitrogen generator of AKSA Akrilik successfully

  • SKID MOUNTED NITROGEN PRODUCTION SYSTEM... We have shipped this NG20 based complete nitrogen system to Al Delma of Iraq. The package includes a nitrogen recirculation compressor as well.

  • OUR LAB TYPE NITROGEN GENERATOR IS VERY POPULAR ABROAD... We got orders from Moldova and Tanzania and shipped them.